Painting: Primer needed!!!

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Painting: Primer needed!!!

Post by Gareth Wales »

I need to touch up some marks (about the size of a 2 pence ) on my metallic paint. These were, apparently, the results of bird shit left on too long by the former owner. Tips or tricks including a very basic primer on metallic painting would be most welcome.
I seem to remember reading somewhere about spraying inside a cardboard box which had a hole in it - thus randomising/ scattering the metallic bits in the paint.

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Post by cavmad »

I believe red oxide primer is very good, followed by `normal` primer. I`d personally be tempted to get an aerosol matched up by Halfrauds or similar and instead of spraying directly onto the effected areas spray some into the cap of the can and touch in using a good quality small artist`s brush.
You could, of course, do the same with the red oxide and normal primer (i.e spray into the cap then paint on). I have used this `trick` to quite good effect before and it should localise the repair rather than go over a bigger area.
Hope this helps, possibly worth testing on an inconspicious area first (inner wings, under bonnet etc) to trial it.
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