Whats the best way to clean Injectors??

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Whats the best way to clean Injectors??

Post by joolie »

Injectors are looking a little red on the outside. But they functioned well when the car was running.

Im changing a split camshaft, maybe the head too, might as well clean up the injectors too, whats the best way?
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Post by DLM »

If you have the cash, and there does seem to be something wrong with them, take them to a specialist to be reconditioned. If there was nothing wrong with them, leave them well alone and use "italian servicing" or the standard injector cleaners in your tankfull.
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Post by Ian_Fearn »

Be vary wary of the caps supplied by the aftermarket. They are no longer available from Bosch so you have to buy others.

I bought some and after a problem with rough running took them out to find 2 of the 4 caps had fallen off.

If theres nothing wrong leave well alone, thats my advice after trying to be clever.
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Post by jeremy »

Diesel injectors are not considered a home serviceable item and are always either done professionally or replaced.


This page is primarily devoted to Land Rover workshop manuals (Complete manuals for download) but there are 2 references to CAV diesel pumps and injectors. The overhaul information is primarily the same for Bosch.

There are many independant diesel specialists who will overhaul injectors for you but currently I think you will find that the price for new from places like GSF are very good.