Jon waxes lyrical on Head Gasket issues (Warning, long post)

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Christ that's a worry.

I've not had HG issues, thanks to excellent advice on cooling systems from Tom, among others. But if an innocent-looking radiator can cause that amount of work, aggro and hassle, then I shall be keeping a close eye on mine.

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You are an inspiration to us all sir. ^^bx>

Having fettled the lump again though we can fully expecta nother 179K trouble free miles.

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Nice work Jon, I flush my rad out regularly (whenever it comes off the car) and always manage to get some sludge out of it, have you considered wingnuts on the engine mounts etc :)
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Hmmm, a worry indeed. Not too bad with the N/A as the rads are reasonable money but the TD ones are dear :shock: Still, with a new rad its peace of mind.

Marty, yours has a new rad :roll:
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Stewart (oily!) wrote: have you considered wingnuts on the engine mounts etc :)
:lol: :lol:
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I had the same problem with the old rad on my old diesel, I replaced mine and then dismantled the old one to find 1 1/2 " of crap at the bottom of each side tank and the bottom of the rad was completely blocked but it never boiled just ran very warm. :shock:
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Hi all. Chris and I have always used at least a 50% "antifreeze" mix summer and winter. Had a head gasket blow in almost the same way as Jons the engine having got rather hot on a journey. The radiator was not that old (9 months) so was not suspected as being a problem but turned out to be choked and having a boiling hot top part and a cold section in the middle and warm at the bottom. We dont know why it was so choked but it nearly cooked the new head gasket and was only just caught in time. Accurate temperature gauges are now fitted to all the BX's.

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Hi Jon,

I am the guy who posted on Andyspares "Different user name though".
See "Hints and Tips " section, I have posted some tips there...

I have now fitted temperature gauges to both BX's, "LM35 Chip with multimeter", and also wired a manual overide switch with indicator light to bring both fans on at full speed.

As I don't cover many miles now, every two years I change the anti freeze. 50/50 mix, but before refilling I use a 25% mix of vinegar/water, and run for a few hundred miles before flushing and refilling with the anti freeze mix.

If the rad is removed, it is possible to view the bottom interenal core through the hose connection, using a bright light or use the sun, this will indicate the core condition.

If at all suspect, and you intend to keep the car, I would advise replacement, cheaper than an engine rebuild...