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I feel like Bob the Builder

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Can i fix her?, yes i can

Well i have 2 evenings left, including tonight to get my BX GTi ready too travel down to the CCC national on Friday night, things yet to be sorted, LHM leak, a miss on pick up, decide which wheels (steels or alloys), hoover, t-cut, polish, buy a tent, buy a sleeping bag, dig out a O/S electric mirror (you know who you are), buy beer.

See you all there late Friday

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Our local Tesco's doing tents and sleeping bags and other stuff like air matresses for not many £££s... - like under a tenner for a tent and so on.

Don't know if you'd considered a trip to your local Tesco or not... Don't take a BX though. Too many trolly trolls about... :lol:
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Good luck with your labours
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tim leech

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I have a choice of tents, option one is the one i bought new when I was around 18 and havent used since I was 22ish! so yes it been stored a while and maye have a few horrors! :? option 2 is borrow the newly aquired and unused one bought for my niece (whos 4), its pink and has a big picture of barbie on the side :shock: I wil fit in it if I start a intence Yoga course between now and Friday.

I think I will sleep in the car.

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tim leech wrote:I have a choice of tents, the one i bought new and havent used since I was 22ish!

I don`t think it`ll be much good after 30 years of storage Tim :lol:
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tim leech

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Cheeky Bas****! :shock: I will have you know I look good for my age, It cost me alot of money but it was all worth it in the end, just dont ask me to smile and blink at the same time as the staples maye give way!

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tim leech wrote: I think I will sleep in the car.
Now this is where the much maligned BX Estate comes into it's own \:D/
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tim leech

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My old tents out of hibernation, a role of tape and some new unbunt tentpegs will see it fit for the weekend.! Just hope it doesnt rain!