Clutch Pedal height

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Clutch Pedal height

Post by AdamH »

My clutch pedal seems higher than I would expect, is this normal, the clutch seems to work fine and I have no problems changing into any gears. The car has only covered just over 40k. #-o
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tim leech

Post by tim leech »

Probably needs the cable adjusting Adam, not a hard Job to do.

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Post by Cornishbx16v »

my pedal is a fair amount higher than the rest of the pedals too! i dont let it bother me but the wife said it was odd as she stubbed her toe when she changes gear loL!

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Post by Ian_Fearn »

Its very easy to adjust the pedal height with 2 nuts under the bonnet. Easily accessible with the air box and ducting removed (unless you've got a carb model, in which case its easy to get at anyway)
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tim leech

Post by tim leech »

Or you could see the light like I have (and Phil) and buy a self shifting BX! its the way forward you know!

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Post by Vanny »

How clever i must be, i adjusted my clutch today (not been right since January) and adjusted it almost spot on 1/4 of an inch above the brake pedal! Didnt mean to, just kinda happened!

Anyways, i'm not happy with it now, i find its a little too high and the bite is much higher and thus i keep failing to engine brake :shock:

Best thing about the BX Clutch is that it is so easily and finely adjustable, so just fine tune it to your tastes, it seems that all the reman clutches seem to have slightly different springs inside and coupled to old cables and worn rubbers all the BX's i've driven seem to have remarkably different feeling clutches!

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Post by jeremy »

do you mean that the pedal has suddenly risen from the floor? If so has some part of the linkage on the gearbox been partially dislodged?

As the clutch wears the biting point tends to rise and there should always be some slack at the top of the pedal to ensure the clutch engages fully and the load id taken off the mechanism.

Remember the unwritten rule of the clutch fitting professional - 'I must never adjust a cable or mechanism even if it leaves the driver unable to disengage the clutch' - At least your disengages without having to mash the pedal into the carpet! - Most seem to be set so close to the floor that you can't get a good gearchange.

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Post by AndersDK »

If the height of the brake pedal is correct ... :lol:

The correct height of the clutch pedal is relative - as you must take into account the total thickness of mats/carpets you have thrown in there.

The clutch pedal must be 140mm above mat/carpet level. That is quite high compared to the brake and throttle pedals. Simply hold a scale to edge of pedal and take the longest measurement to the mats/carpets surface like this : `l
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Post by ed4ferrets »

My 'new' BX estate had what felt like the dreaded heavy clutch typical of one on it's way out :cry: , however measuring in accordance with Ander's advice etc I realised the pedal was below the brake pedal :-k

After adjusting hey presto the clutch feels goooood, thanks guys =D>
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