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Bloody hell! Like a twit I managed to catch the rear bumper of te newly painted GTi with a low flying Vw Polo :oops: So back in it goes to the paintshop, on the flip side there going to straighten and repaint the rather creased passenger wing at the same time for a extra £50!

Alls well that ends well, I must get my L plates out again!

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Re: Bugger!

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tim leech wrote: I must get my L plates out again!
Surley banning VW drivers would be a better solution???
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I am having similar problems manouvreing the Xantia estate, it feels like a bloody bus :) SWMBO wont drive it :) strange really as when i used to have an absolutely huge toyota land cruiser she wouldnt get out of the bloody thing, women I guess :P
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Women and 4x4s! They love them as it gives them the rule of the road!

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Stewart (oily!) wrote:I am having similar problems manoeuvreing the Xantia estate, it feels like a bloody bus :)
Xantias are buses! I drive my old man's from time to time... still can't get the hang of that magnified off side mirror. Parking that thing is a trial in itself.

Long live the BX!
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