Getting tired of this now... heat knob.

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Getting tired of this now... heat knob.

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My heater knob won't turn all the way round to full. Obviously, I don't need it in this heat, but I need to turn it to get all the coolant out to flush the system. I didn't want to force it, but now it only moves between 3 O'clock and about 8 O'clock.

I'm sure you chaps know the answer...
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Very close to the steering axle - up under the dash - you have the heater tap. This is a nylon thing that can be excersised and brought to life - especialy if using some lubing spray - like silicone.
Its a tiny shaft that moves in/out the tap housing.
This shaft in turn moves a plate with holes inside the tap.
Once you get the thing to move - and put in some fresh antifreeze and clean water to the cooling system - it will free up and continue working.

If you try do it from the knob - you will end up breaking the knob and most likely make the control cable fixings leave their positions too.
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Post by timbo »

if that doesn't work, it may be like my fan control dial. The outer cable clamp (behind the dial facia) had come off. This allowed the dial to turn part way round but would not operate the main vent flap. Hope this is of help. It's a real bugger to get the cable back in as well. I gave up after 3 hours of trying. I now operate the main vent flap by pulling or pushing the inner cable by hand (which is now under the drivers side floor mat).