Is this possible ?

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Is this possible ?

Post by Widgit »

Thinking of attaching 1.7 Turbo motor to auto transmission on my Bx Estate.
Has anyone tried this and if so, what was the outcome ?


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Post by jeremy »

Was not an option - but Xantia 1.9TD autos were made and lasted well after the introduction of the HDi's

I don't know if they used the same box - or a different one that could cope with the leaps in torque better. I'd have thought an engine - gearbox from one of these was a good starting point - but beware of the semi electronic diesel pump on later ones and make sure you know how to wire it.

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Post by Stewart (oily!) »

The autobox fitted to BX diesels is not likely to be up to the job, the torque would likeley dismantle the unit in short order but as Jeremy states Xantia TD autoboxes should fit.
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1.7 TD/auto's

Post by Geoffrey Gould »

Hello the gearing on the standard BX diesel auto box leaves something to be desired I think. The TD has enough go to destroy the box quite quickly. A Xantia box will cope and the gearing is different and makes for a more relaxed drive and a higher top speed if that is of any interest. The main advantage is much better and safer overtaking ability.
Makes quite a nice vehicle. There could be a problem finding a Gearbox they do seem to be in short supply. Make sure it's the correct box because it looks the same as the as a BX box.
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Post by AndersDK »

I have a pdf document (2.2Mb) on BX autoboxes - which includes the different gearing ratio variants available.
Cant remember from where I downloaded it - but now its available from my Norwegian CCC friend Brede :
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Post by Widgit »

Thanks guys,advice much appreciated as always......think I will begin searching for a Xantia box :)


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Post by Ian_Fearn »

Are we sure the Xantia came in Turbo Diesel auto? I've only ever seen the 1.9D n/a auto's.

If you do come across more than one Xantia autobox i'd be interested in one.
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