There's back pressure!

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There's back pressure!

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Sorry, you'll have to bear with me. I'm not really up on cars, let alone the BX, sorry! I am trying to learn...

I've inherited a BX 19 TGD from my dad and I've had it since december, prior to which it was kept in a garage for 6 months. We've never had any major problems with it apart from a small problem with the heater which was fixed for when I had it, and the occasional dumping of water.

However, after a few months, the stop light and the one three down from it came on. At first, it was solved by a quick top up of water, but it got worse and was sent to a garage to be 'looked at'. In short, they wrecked lots of things and didn't fix the problem by changing the head gasket. It's now dumping water almost every time it's parked (sometimes there's a few spots, other times there's a fairly large puddle) and the lights are hardly ever off. The garage want it back to test the radiator, but I would like some opinions from those who know about what the problem might be and any ideas on how to fix it!

All advice most welcome and very much appreciated!