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Not knowing a lot about the BX a little help would be welcomed,I'm just putting my BX back on the road hopefully,have just replaced various brake pipes and suspension pipes,suspension rises in all positions with engine running but as soon as engine turned off back end sinks is this normal? also is it possible to check that rear brakes are working when car is jacked up?any advice would be welcome,thanks


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Back end sinking when the engine is shut off is normal for the BX, though having healthy spheres and an accumilator sphere can stave this off for several hours..

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Rear brakes are powered by the rear suspension circuit - so if there is no load - there areno braked.

However - if you raise the car fully on the suspension (on a jack as well as off it) the height corrector is open and the system will receive the full pressure - and the brakes will operate albeit a bit more powerfully than usual.

Usual warnings about cars falling off jacks when the suspension moves etc.

To test the accumulator - run the engine with the car at normal height for a couple of minutes. Turn off engine and sit in the boot. The car should sink and after 30 seconds rise again to its original height powered by the accumulator. If it doesn't the sphere needs to be changed.


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Thanks for the imfo,done as you suggested and it has improved it 100%,again many thanks