And God saw the light, that it was good . . .

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And God saw the light, that it was good . . .

Post by Vanny »

Well bloody hoorah for him! I've been crackin on with that car for four days, and ive lost the bloody light (by the fourth day god created the sun and the stars, but he didnt have aircon did he!). . .

so anyways, dash is back in with two niggles. I apparently have no oil what so ever (no oil pressure nor level, actually the guage does nothing, not even light up), nor do i have any back lighting! Rheostat is plugged in but has no effect.

So i havent checked to see if there is a feed to the lighting dimmer (rheostat) or not, but F3 is in and working fine. Before i go a hunting for the damn missing link, anybody have any clever ideas as to where the powers gone?