Tom's essay on what to sort when after buying a BX

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Tom's essay on what to sort when after buying a BX

Post by Oscar »

Where is this excellent essay? I found it invaluable, and it should be up as a sticky in this section.

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Actually we are in the throws of possibly sorting out a FAQ section - one of the bits was to be a sort of mini buyers guide. If anyone feels they can throw one, or just some ideas together feel free (Tom, you have the knowlede here to eclipse us all). :wink:
I know the thing you mean, and im sure part of it if not all was posted (as a response to my buying Vera) on the sadly defunkt Andyspares forum.
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Post by tom »

I am humbled at your words Marty although your definitive article on the UK built aluminium bodied Hurricanes should be in it. I will review the listed topic in the light of further experience; there's some stuff in past ramblings that ought to be in it. The pointed to article is not the one, though. I'm sure that I wrote it for you and Vera, if you can give me a date, approx then I'll dig it up for the Forum. Now posted!