A True Enthusiast??

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A True Enthusiast??

Post by DavidW »


I’ve looked over your forums a few times with genuine interest. Sorry I’m drawn to making a first post on the politics of being an enthusiast rather than one of actual technical interest. However I cannot let this strange “anti” undercurrent on such a personal level remain unanswered.

In a quick perusal of threads earlier today I note these comments….

“Looks really good the CCC BX columnist turning up to an event in a VW!! LOL” “You and David Woolard both. He didn't run a BX either, seem to remember him prefering bl**dy Landrovers.”

“Yet another BX correspondent bites the dust (or in this case buys a Golf and sells the BX.) The last one ran a Landy… wonder why the CCC's BX correspondents don't drive BXs?”

As there seems to be some campaign to associate my name, and that of CCC BX columnists overall, with a lack of conviction I'll set the record straight.

From the middle of 2000 to early in 2005 I wrote the CCC BX column for the Citroenian magazine. Over almost five years I put together 55 monthly columns without a break. Over that same time I acted as “first contact” by phone, mail and e-mail for those with technical and other queries.

During this period we owned and used a BX19TRS, two TZD Estates, a 17RD, 19Gti & 16TRS. Added to that I looked after many other BXs for contacts of ours.

So six very different BXs owned in just under five years… I reckon that just about qualified me to have written the column with some authority eh??

Time moved on and I replaced my BX with a TD Xantia, then the good lady changed her TZD Estate for a ZX TD, the column was revamped to cover both BX and Xantia models in equal amounts.

Finally most of my contacts changed their BXs for Xantias leaving me less and less BX experiences to relate, added to ever increasing work/family pressures I thought it quite timely to let someone else take on the column and have a go. Now the CCC BX and Xantia columns are separate once again under their new columnists.

Prior to this “BX period” I’d already owned a DS Pallas, three CX Pallas models, a GS and a GSA…. Enough Citroen driving experience for a tick in the right box??

As for the Land Rover digs… so what? I’ve had one Land Rover or another in the yard for the greatest part of the last 20yrs. During my time as BX columnist I was carrying out a rolling restoration on an old Series model diesel which was used as a third vehicle to the two Citroens.

Wearing the “single make/model” blinkers can be very inward looking and I’ve always enjoyed contact with cars of all types. It all helps keep any one “old/classic” vehicle and its abilities in perspective.

And please remember… I am not opening up the CCC good/bad issues again to get this thread locked…. just underpinning some inaccurate throwaway personal comments with real facts.


Citroen supporter for 25yrs plus. Former CCC BX/Xantia columnist. I like Land Rovers & John Deeres too!

Post by M »

Hello Mr. W and welcome aboard - firstly may I say that like any forum there will be people who are opinionated and agree / disagree with everything from the car you drive to the colour shoes you wear Dont take it to heart - at the end of the day this forum like others besides it is here to support the car and the marque - hell I dont even have a BX any more, still wont stop me helping others.

Your input will be both welcome and invaluable, please dont be put off - Im sure Ian who has seccumbed to a Golf will still support the cause, likewise will still contribute to the CCC (as I do myself on occasion). Just because we went on to other cars as a matter of preference / reliability / pressure from the Mrs / grumbling hip - whatever - we all still have one thing in common, we appreciate the marque as a whole and the engineering. We are here to support one another.
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Post by Ian_Fearn »

Hi David, as latest BX columnist i've not been finding it that easy getting people on board with regard to getting technical information off them.

All the tech input i put into the mag is from my own personal experience.

I also know that it takes quite a bit of work each month to put together a column and rather resent the fact that people slag us off for it, especially as i know the CCC was after columnists for a while.

Basically people are entitled to their opinion.

Welcome on board David.
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Post by tom »

Welcome David. A car freak will be interested in anything with more than three wheels. It is nothing to be ashamed of. There is enough technical info around this site for the current columnists to use it for those closet BX enthusiasts in the CCC.
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Post by AlanS »

Far be it for me to pirate info from another site, but in this instance I contributed to it so feel at least in part justified in flogging this as a basis for a debate.
The BX16V is a particularly temperamental beast when it comes to holding a nice acceptable running temp; they are either running too cold due to sticky thermostats, too hot because of thermal fan switches with too high a cut in temp or suddenly without warning, losing water inder mysterious circumstances; this is one of those cases.
I wondered if anyone has any comment on this theory I have long held that this may have been the cause of the demise of many a 16V in their hey day.If anyone wishes to copy this and post it on the CCC newsletter for even more input, I'm more than happy for them to do so.
Rather than just post my suggestions here, I'll post the link so that all the other info can be read and thereby place the entire problem and possible cure into context.
If the link won't work for non members, then I'll have to do a copy and paste.


Alan S
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Post by DLM »

Hello and welcome from me too, David. You've been extremely polite and helpful to me in the past on other forums.

The attitude on this forum, and of the club in general is perhaps a little more informal and irreverent than some. Hence my personal take on what you objected to is that it should be seen as a bit of playful devil's advocacy.