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Al Williams

Present Owner of Silver BX GTi Auto H ***FEG

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I sold this car on, and have recieved a sorn declaration/tax renewal form, even though the log book was sent off etc etc and I recieved a notification of transfer.

Can you confirm the car is taxed and you have the log book in your name?

I don't fancy recieving a fine for an untaxed vehicle that I don't own.

It's probably a glitch in the DVLA system, but we all know how incompetant government agancies seem to be these days!!!! :o

Contact can be made direct at algtj@ tiscali dot co dot uk or here.

Many thanks Al Williams

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Did you fill in the logbook yourself and post it on when you sold the car?
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Gentlemen re. the above please be aware that this is happening a lot and the first you will know is when a £80-00 fine arrives through the letter box. It has taken 5 months and repeated phone calls and letters to get a V5C.
All documentation etc. was correct and the car scrapped.
To the people involved who are members here I am not trying to "steal" your story but it is quite evident that the DVLA is making a real mess and trying to make £80-00 a time for the privalege.
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The new owner of this car is a decent guy & i'm sure will help you avoid any fine.

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Al, pm sent mate.
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Al Williams


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Thanks for the speedy reply, problem sorted.

Thanks Cav mad :)

tim leech

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Ey what? Ive got a current logbook in my name, I will retax the Gti asap, been holding out on awaiting some moneys! Which has now come.