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BX 16v Register...

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I've been intrigued to find out how many BX 16v's are in existance, and to date the responses and figures have always been vague.
We've got the build figures on this site, and somewhere I read something like 1270 odd cars in the UK which are registered. We can find out how many where actually made, but how many survive to this day?
And how many of them are owned by people who actually care? Well I've decided to find out!

I'm consructing a register purely for 16v models. I'll keep it simple and just need to following to compile a database....

Reg no:
ORGA no:
Date you accquired to vehicle:

I'm going to try and push this through as many forums worldwide as I can. Hopefully the CCC will be happy to assist and primarily the results and updates will be on the new official BX 16v site: www.16valve.co.uk on the forum.

If anyone is reading this now and wishes to add their car, please feel free. Your help is appreciated!

Either PM me here, or email mantisgt3@hotmail.com
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