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The battery terminals on my 16v are worn and hacked about, plus the positive is tight as it wil go but still is a little loose. Is it big job to change?
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do you mean terminals or clamps? The terminals (the big pieces of lead) are integral to the battery, buy a new battery if you need to!

If its the clamps then go to maplins and get some of the big shiney terminal clamps (think there sharp branded), there about £6.00 a go and don't be fooled by the fancy finish, it makes no difference. Changing is pretty easy, cut the old clamps off with a metal hacksaw, then strip 15mm of the plastic sheath, shove bare ends into suitable hole on the clamp and tighten up with the alan key.

You can get them pretty damn tight without much effort (caution, dont over tighten!)

Easy one star job, just dont leave tools on top of the battery while your doing the job or you risk giving the battey a snapped shaped carry handle
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Thanks vanny, I did mean the clamps, will have to get some new ones
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As a temporary bodge I used to wedge a bit of clean lead under the clamp then tighten - even used solder! - This was in the days of the daft 'Thimble' type terminals Lucas used to inflict on us.