Broken in to - New Glass fitting

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Broken in to - New Glass fitting

Post by pinfold »

Last week some "toe rag" decided to break into the 16v for a 6 year old footpump! oh and what else he thought might be in the glove compartment. Not much i have to say, but what he / she thought exactly someone with a £450 car would have of value in his glove box i dont know.

the 2005 rs4 or amg 500 merc parked either side of me might have been a better option!

anyway i have sourced a new passenger side front door glass, and wondered if anyone out there has ever fitted one?

Any tips that would make a seriously hacked off bx owners life easier would be much appreciated!

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Post by citroen7 »

not a comlicated job just fiddly! first take door card off taking care not break the plastic studs disconnect wiring and then remove window switch from door card and reconnect the switch this will enable you to move the window up and down. remove plastic from door to give you access then undo the 10mm nuts that hold the motor mechanisum on.
now if you lower the remains of the window it should come of the runners , remove by either pulling out through the access points or push it up and lift out through the top of the door hoover out all broken glass and check drian holes in bottom of door are not blocked a good idea at this point is to grease the mechanisum then lower the new window in through the top
this is the fiddly bit getting the rollers back in the runners and i am a bit rusty on exact proceedure but trial and error should sufice! then it is just a case of buttoning everything back up .
hope this helps come back to me if you get stuck
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Post by DLM »

This weekend found me removing/refitting a couple of windows - a straight swap. I was of course dealing with windows which had the guides already fitted onto the bottom of the windows, and position ofthese is critical. Make sure they're in the exact positions as in the old window.

More criticial points -

1. Remove the entire vapour seal from the door- it'll make access much easier. Allow yourself plenty of daylight time for the job, as you'll need it. Do apply grease to the runners unless you want to end up doing the job again later. Keep plenty of clean rag around to wipe hands frequently if you want to be able to see through the glass afterwards.

2. Remove the runner on the inside of the door facing OUTWARDS (2 x 10mm bolts towards the rear of the door), or you won't get the new glass onto its runners - which face towards the INSIDE of the door.

3. Make absolutely sure that the window is supported from below when fitting the new window (SLIM woodblocks or similar) . You'll certainly need it, unless you have a (live) octopus handy to assist. Tilt window forward, not backwards.

4. Last (and fiddliest) is relocating the inner runner and refastening it. I used a combination of various pushing rods and tried to avoid brute force.

Good Luck!
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Post by Vanny »

Vacuum the hell out of the door first! That safety glass makes some damn sharp splinters and they HURT

To get the new glass in, put it in at a 30degree ish angle tilted downwards from inside the door, take the glass in towards the mirror end from the handle end. Once the whole pain of glass is in the car, rotate it flat again and lift it up and into the guide around the window (basically put the whole thing in 'ole first).

I then use US Army duck tape to hold the bugger up, draping 8" on the out side of the window and running another 12" up over the top of the door and back down the inside. Means you can do the whole job on your own! HOWEVER if you have an assistant then its easier to get the runners in the rails if you have the window about 3" open, means you can get your arms right in and man handle the runners (assuming you have girlie little arms like me :D)
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Post by pinfold »

Thanks lads

So after a quick dash up the M6 on Friday night, i was able to pick up and fit a new peice of glass.

We used the Duck tape and 3 inch t,plus the undo motor mechanism to fit tricks, and angleing the glass at 30 degrees works a treat!

Thanks again
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