The love affairs back on!

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The love affairs back on!

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I've had two great love affairs in my life to date. One was a female type (short lived, I'll always love her but she had other idea's (thats another story for sad and, the other, stuff with wheels and engines! (longer lived)!

I've been getting despondant with the BX's lately and very nearly got rid of them in a moment of CX Turbo madness. Common sense prevailed and the valver went for the MOT yesterday morning. It failed :cry: but not on what I thought it would!
I was informed the o/s bracket that holds the handbrake cable, ABS cable and flexi hose had broken off the hub and ........that was it! :D :D
10 mins to fit another bracket and ticket in hand I propelled myself with aplomb to work! 8)
I then remembered why I love these cars so much. Ok its 16 years old and the TD is 17 but they are both great cars in different ways.
I'm so in love with them again I may even wash and polish them!

Till the next time they go wrong :wink:
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