Hats off to....

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Hats off to....

Post by Barnsley BXer »

Oscar and Adam and friend,who drove up from Kent to theNorthern meet.If I wore a hat,I would take it off to you.If "BXer of the week" still exists,I would like to see it awarded to these fine chaps for dedication to the BX cause
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Post by cavmad »

Seconded, perhaps one of the mod`s would be kind enough to re-enact BX`er of the week/month for our long distance travelling friends?
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Post by Vanny »

hang on, they where in a BX, where is the chore in driving a BX?

But seriously, are you two MAD? Thats not exactly close, must have taken some proper determination so well done to you both!

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Post by Oscar »

Honoured as we are, I feel we should decline this nomination, and instead would like Billy to be recognised for his services, especially:

Getting the thing rolling;
Organising tickets, and

Convincing the organisers that the BX is a classic!

(We know it is but not everyone would agree)

And a special mention to Dean for the finest pork pies I have ever tasted. They were smashing and I'll never eat another Sainsbury's pie again.
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Post by Adam »

I 2nd Oscar's notion (us Southerners stick together!!!!!!!!!! :D ), Billy you did a great job,


The BX had a stand at a classic car show, therefore,


=D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D>

We can all proudly tell our grandchildren... WE WERE THERE!!!!!

=D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D>
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