How many are there?

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ken newbold
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How many are there?

Post by ken newbold »

Following on from something Tom was saying about the number of BX's remaining and indeed my own thread "they're still out there" I'm sure I'm not alone in wondering how many are actually left.

So, how about between now and next Tuesday night we draw up a list of those survivors the we know about?

We own 2 here and I know of 7 others currently owned and on the road, so that's 9 in total, needless to say these exclude any other club members cars.

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Post by Kitch »

BX's in general?

I've got some stats for 16v's but not the regular models.
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Post by docchevron »

I know of probably about 100 or so in the Bristol area, will take some time to get the full details though!

Theres at least 30 that frequent Bristol 2cv's quite often including a mint phase 1 16v owned by an old lady who drives like a lunatic!

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Post by tom »

There were 37,000 in February 2005 according to DVLA so we would be foolish to try counting them. We have 256 members. Fifty will have sold their cars and fifty will be serial offenders so around 250 are here. It might be a better idea to ring DVLA and find out what the current figure is or account for the cars we have scrapped.
In my case, BXs 6 bought over the years, scrapped 2.

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Post by DavidRutherford »

Other than the ones I own, I know of very few others. Every now and then I see one on the road near me, but it's a rare occasion.

I've got 5 at the moment, but one is in the process of being scrapped, and another is about to follow it.
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tim leech

Post by tim leech »

13000 19ds!

Mind you ive had 7 of them!

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Post by cavmad »

Ken, I`ve got the 1.9 n/a estate and the TZD. On top of that there`s a met. blue 1.9 n/a diesel estate, a white (and very tidy looking) 1.6 petrol estate, a silver TZD hatch, a black/dark grey TGD hatch all within about 1/2 mile from me plus at least two metallic green estates (one definately TZD) somewhere local too.
Oh, and there`s an extremely tidy red TZD estate the other side of town too.
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