French BX diesel turbo

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French BX diesel turbo

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Hi , I live in France and own an 1989 BX diesel turbo I bought here, it now has 325,000 k`s on the clock , over 200,000 miles , I sent for a Haynes manual but this dos`nt cover the diesel so on a French forum I found manuals called Revue Technique which has a wealth of information on the 1769 XUD7 diesel turbo , with diesel at €1.03 a litre it is a very economic reliable car and has it`s own querks like turbo lag and plenty of black smoke when booted , I guess this is normal ?. BXs are very popular over here with some very tasty looking cars looking around Supermarket car parks.

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The turbo lag isnt all that bad and black smoke should be there all the time, sounds like somethings not right. If its been driven gently then given a good thrash it will chuck some smoke out but that should clear.

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Re: French BX diesel turbo

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rob pike wrote:with diesel at €1.03 a litre
€1.03 = approx 70p per litre. Costs more like 95p round here (south UK). Still, I'm sure all our extra tax goes to a good cause. :evil:

By the way, welcome Rob :D
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Welcome Rob. 325,000 is no great age for a td. One way of clearing the smoke out, apart from the usual thrashing, is to check that the air filter is in good order, (a trip to your local Feu Vert may be needed) and then fill the tank to the brim, first adding 2 litres of petrol before the gazole goes in. Run the car on this mix once a year; this will improve the injector spray pattern and reduce the smoke. If the car starts well and uses no oil to speak of, there is unlikely to be any major problem, so take it out fo town and give it somehard driving for 100 Km or so. The top speed will rise as you do so from 155KPH to 175+ as the engine cleans out and your fuel economy will improve markedly.