BX TD smoke

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BX TD smoke

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Hi Tom , Thanks for that , as a truck driver we used to use petrol for anti waxing in the winter , which poses a question about using petrol for winter or at all in small engines , is it that safe ? I have used injector cleaners but it still smokes when booted , and I had a full service about 3,000 ks ago including diesel filter , air and oil filters as well and still if I give it what for in any gear you can`t see the vehicle you`v just passed , but I have seen a lot of other makes do this as well . Incidently the total cost of my service by a local village Garagist was €52 . Rob

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Entirely safe. Half a tank of aviation kerosene works even better although the engine is harder to start and produces less power while it is burning it.
You really should give it a good blast, (the "Italian Service").