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Post by cavmad »

Brilliant idea or bullsh*t? I`m going for the 2nd and can readily imagine every Fiesta/Nova/Corsa/106 owning boy racer throwing themselves to buy one of these.
I don`t pretend to know much (anything) about these but the claims seem a bit excessive to little old me.

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Electric-Supercha ... dZViewItem

The Q`s and A`s are mind blowing.

Q: Will it fit my car?

A: Yes!

Is it me or is the likely hood of severe melt down imminent next time young Kev attaches (poorly) to his Fraud Fiasco 0.1 and attempts to do 90mph down your street?
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Post by Kitch »

I've heard about those before. I've also heard they are infact bullshit!

I had a similar idea once after driving a Renault 5 GT Turbo....they have an anti perk fan for the carb, and I wondered if it would work as a type of forced induction. The answer was no, and I refitted it to the Renault :lol:
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Post by jeremy »

40 amps is a serious amount of power even at 12 volts - 480 watts - which is about 2/3rd horsepower.

Some devices were around a couple of years ago and the complaint really was that they would not produce enough volume of air to make any difference.

Now to see if its any good we need to know what power of pump is needed to produce 32,000 litres per minute at 1 bar which is what the humble exhaust turbo on a BX produces. My guess is about 10 horsepower - but I'd be interested to be corrected.

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Post by st gilles »

Another 'snake oil' product to atttract the mechanically inept and the young eh?

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the electornic supercharger idea has been about for a fair while! back in aroun 95/96 thye were quite popular and made iirc by a comapny that called them selves Geez, they did take off but then just seemed to dissapear along with many other inventions of the like!
the suzuki swift gti has a similar system in the air inlet and works to good effect!

i am sure that the majority of the people its owned at are the saxo,corsa, nova type of people that would buy the £2.50 resisters that boost your power types will buy it in there thousands!!

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Post by Way2go »

I gather that the latest small Mercedes that reps go for since Beemers are now "common" have superchargers. Dont' know whether these are electric or driven off the engine; just heard a non-mechanical type boasting about his. :?
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Post by Toddman »

Always tricky to make an educated statement about these things.
IF the pump and motor are of suitable calibre the theory says they will work.
I remember the early Suzuki Swifts having a fan in the airbox so somebody must have thought there was potential.

Would be nice to get one and do some proper testing though.

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Post by Jezzie 16v »

I have seen these in Redline or fast car magazine in the last month or so, they did a rolling road test with one on a mk2 MR2 and guess what....... it did not work, infact it lower the BHP figure. IIRC though they did say it may be more effective on a lowered capacity car :roll:

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Post by Vanny »

so it might work on say a 450cc twin motorcycle engine thats never going to get much above 70 mph?

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Post by cavmad »

Vanny wrote:so it might work on say a 450cc twin motorcycle engine thats never going to get much above 70 mph?
Old Suzuki, Vanny?
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