My Estate 8)

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My Estate 8)

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After driving the BX Estate up to the Midlands meet last weekend, I felt bad about the state the estate had got into, infact I was almost has being going here, there and everywhere over the last few years and never letting Kitch or I down, but without much love. Infact a comment passed to me last weekend was "Its cool because you treat it with such utter contempt"

Not anymore. My trusted friend has treated me so well that I have started to give her an overhall...nothing major as yet because there is nothing major to do, just little jobs that I have not bothered with.

Firstly today it was treated to some new oil, and a new filter, the first its had in about 15k :oops: although it was almost impossible to remove the old filter.

Once that was done it was on to the suspension, which had gone almost solid :oops: Accumilator (sp) was first, followed by the front two...which proceeded to leek fizzy LHM...and low and behold its like a different car...I had almost forgotten how smooth it was.

Next on the list is rears, and then the height corrector. Its a small start, but I am not gonna let it get on top of me. It took last weekend to remind me what a special car the estate really is....ok it might not be quick, or look good but its just a special car, and its time it got treated like one. 8) 8)
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Post by docchevron »

Good man! I'm sure you'll have it chipper in no time :D

No oil change in 15k :shock: ! Slapped wrist young man!! :D :D

Much better than the Xanty eh! :D

Keep us posted

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Post by cavmad »

Ashamedly that`s how I`ve been treating my estate (and the one before it) and I fully agree with everything you`ve posted. They are a great car and do deserve good treatment but in my case it`s been neglect due to it`s enormous load capacity (and therefore anything/everything that will fit in it has been lobbed in any old how) and time/patience/skills. Deserves much better, I really must have a go at getting it back to scratch.
Having said that this might be on the cars very soon as hopefully the ball will start rolling because I have a nice 1.9TD engine to go in it and some leathers!
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Post by Kitch »

I thought it was going to be a thread about your land :lol:
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