Something of interest to all BX lovers

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Something of interest to all BX lovers

Post by Ian_Fearn »

We have had various conversations about BX11's and did they really exist along with the fabled BX10.

Well today i've found some virtually conclusive proof of the BX10.

Its a reasonably well known fact that the BX11 both in mk1 and mk2 form was available. This was available in Switzerland, Portugal, Italy and Greece amongst others. There was even a special edition BX11 called the Atout of which Tim2cv off this very forum took a picture whilst in Greece.


Getting back to the BX10 then.... Officially it was called the BX Dommage. It was ONLY available in holland in 1985 and approx 250 were made with the 954cc engine that soon after appeared in the AX10. A whole 42bhp was available to all those speed freaks out there :lol: . 0-60 was just over 31 seconds.

It was marketed as a town car only with the ability of going further afield if required to.

This was a seriously spec'd down mk1 car. No fuel gauge (just a warning lamp), trip meter, rear wash/wipe or heated rear window.

It didnt have interior carpets, just rubber mats, much the same as a 2cv really.

The seats were covered in a waterproof (wipe clean) plastic and had no headrests.

As with our 62hp early BX it had a metal bonnet and bootlid (perhaps these were cheaper to make at the time?)

The fuel filler cap was a screw on device without a flap.

One of the distinguising features was single piece windows in the rear door i.e no rear quarter light and they were fixed in place.

Also there was no 'mini' spoiler on the bootlid, i believe this was the ONLY model without one.

They were only available in red or blue and had 'Dommage' badges on the front doors and bootlid. It also came with a picnic basket with Dommage written on it.

They were damn cheap though, significantly cheaper than the BX Basis that had just been launched in Holland.

Of the 250 produced it is thought that just 17 were sold! Presumably because they were significantly underpowered? Apparently the remaining Dommage's were re-engined with the 1360cc unit and sold as the BX 'Basis' which was Holland base model BX at that time.

I need somebody much sadder than me to help me piece together this story with as much accuracy as possible. The small sales numbers certainly would account for why there are so few pictures available.
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Post by Stewart (oily!) »

I found the same article a while back Ian, what a bundle of laughs they must have been :)
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Post by Barnsley BXer »

Ian.Andrew Minney is your man(CCC).He has done quite extensive research on the various BX models
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tim leech

Post by tim leech »

a 1.0 bx! i thought 1.9Ds were slow!

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Post by cauchoiskev »

"Dommage" also means "damage" in French. Can you seriously imagine Citroën calling one of their cars "damage" or "shame" ?

Nah, sorry to put the mockers on this one, lads, it's a nice story, but the whole thing was a spoof invented by Ron Veltkamp, treasurer of the BX club NL. The Internet is a great thing !

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Post by ellevie »

It would be like calling it BX Loser.
What a shame ! :D

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Post by tom »

Yes, apart from the obvious con in the name, has anybody worked out how to fit a single fixed window in the back doors? You can't. Besides, there would be a copyright infringement issue, as SKODA means "What a Shame" in Polish so VW would sue.

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Post by Vanny »

tom wrote: there would be a copyright infringement issue, as SKODA means "What a Shame" in Polish

i doubt there is a copyright on the use of different languages, and why would VW care, surely it would be VAG?

Whats wrong with a single fixed window? Single piece window seal all the way round (like and 3 door car) or have the bottom runner fixed in place on a couple of retainers! Infact it's probably very eacy (bearing in mind the vertical mid bar comes clean out!).

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Post by Kitch »

I was struggling to see how it would be difficult to fit. It wouldn't work obviously as the arch wouldn't allow the window much movement.
Pointless though :lol:
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Post by DLM »

I think those rear windows would be the ones fitted to the "Enterprise" versions of the BX hatch and estate in France, which were supplied without a back seat and essentially were 2-door/3-door stripped-out tax-break models.
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