Boring Sunday.

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ken newbold
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Boring Sunday.

Post by ken newbold »

Had quite a boring sunday afternoon today, with nothing better to do I thought I'd give the superbly boring 19TXD auto it's half yearly check over.

Replaced about 4 or 5 panel bulbs, decided to fit new speedo cables to eliminate the speedo wobble as it was annoying me now that the estate one is totally steady, found a crack in the safety vavle return pipe so replaced that as well.

And that's about it when you have one of these superbly boring cars. :D
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Post by ellevie »

The dreary weather seems to make things go even more slowly.

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Post by cavmad »

Tell me about it, really struggled to get anything done on Sunday after the football. Hoping the weather stays nice this afternoon as I`ll be arsing about with all things mechanical when I get home.
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Post by stuart_hedges »

Dreary weather? It's apocalyptic down here. I thought I was going to drown on my way home from the bus stop yesterday - it looked like the sea was walking up the road past me.

Remarkably, Sally's still dry inside! Only car I've ever had apart from the Passat with no leaks!

tim leech

Post by tim leech »

I just finished refiiting my front bumper as the heavens opened, fiddly job but at least she doesnt have a wnky smile anymore!