How many BX's have you owned

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How many BX's have you owned

Post by bernie »

I've had 8

2 x GTI
1 x 16v
2 x TZD turbo
1 x TD Hurricane
1 x Meteor Estate
1 x TGD Estate
Just the 0 BX
1 TZD Turbo a/c going going GONE
1 TD Hurricane being broken up for spares
3 FIAT 124 Sports!!!
1 FIAT 124 Spider ex. California
Oh and I nearly forgot

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Post by Kitch »

I've had 4 at the tender age of 22 lol.

1989 14RE - First car. Sadly RIP

1991 16v - One of those cars I always wanted, nearly ready for a comeback.

1989 19RD Estate - The best car I ever owned. Faultless! Idiot to pass it on really.

1985 16TRS - As of about 48hrs ago. Needed a runaround but have fallen for it already!

Dad used to have a red 1983 16TRS as I grew up, had it for 6 years. Thats what started me off with Citroens.

Had 3 AX GT's too. Love em!
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Post by Mr B »

Black K plate TXD, traded for a Berlingo in 2001
Purple Mk1 diesel, bits for above, scrapped in 2001

Red K plate TXD, current mount.
Green J plate TZD, scrapped on Tuesday.
White H plate TZD, Ex Marty. To be broken.
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ken newbold
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x 5

Post by ken newbold »

Eleven ! that come to mind. :oops:

19rd Mk1 B93 UWR
19rd E525XKR
19rd Est E36TYG
19rd Est D64KWX
17tzd Est J98MLO
19dtr F335TMM
19dtr Mk1 C142MGM
19rd Est G700JWR
19rd Mk1 B185TVG
17tzd Est K970EWB
19txd Aut K402URJ

Plus about 20ish that Ive brought back from the dead and sold on.
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ken newbold
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x 5

Post by ken newbold »

I thought I'd better not say how many I've "seen off" but at least some of the bits are still running round. :)
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Post by cavmad »

Just the two and very briefly both at the same time. A TGD 1.7 n/a hatch (now in the capable hands of Vanny`s mate) and my recently acquired 1.9 TGD estate which has been run round all day since leaving work at 13.30!
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Post by sleepy0905 »

Just the one which I have had for 4.5 years and must admit best car I have ever had I used to be into peugeot`s before but hey atleast its the same engine 8)
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x 3

Post by tom »

six or seven...

so far.
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Post by M »

One - for about 6 months, and only about 300 miles on the :cry: road

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Daniel B
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Post by Daniel B »

Just the one :D

nearly 7 years, and going strong 8)

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Post by AlanS »

In our family:

1985 16 Trs Auto converted to 5 speed manual

1990 series 2 w/cat 16V Current car

1992 TZi Sons car

1987 series one 16V...sons car. Bought as an insurance fire write off and restored

1989 series 2 w/cat 16V destroyed in fire but being rebuilt for a track car

1985 16 Trs 5 speed manual. Neglected but about to go back into service.

This is after several CXs some of which we still have that may/may not be restored if I last long enough and get some help from the younger ones.

Alan S
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Post by Vanny »

BX 19rd
2x Red BX16v (one is what i have now, the other was a not so healthy spares car)

But then i've also rehoused a couple and look after two so thats kinda 5
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Stewart (oily!)
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Post by Stewart (oily!) »

Gold Mk1 19RD 1985
GTI 8 Valve (3)
19 tgd
17RD (3)
19TZD :D
Making a total of TEN! :shock:
Not counting the ZX Volcane, Xantia
Edited as I forgot about the one I bought off some heroin addicts, it had been used as a kennel/playpen/toilet taxed my valeting skills did that one, had to do the head gasket too
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TZD 19 TD one of the few
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Post by Oscar »


G957DPU TGD, my first car, which I should never have let go. I managed to trace her to her last owner but one, but I think she's somewhere in Ireland now.

G67JDW, the current. Gradually coming good, if I can stop the tinworm in the doors and sort ut the steering.

I've had a ZX too, and a Pug 106.

Dad had a CX safari estate, that's what started it all off for me....
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