rear demister repair

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rear demister repair

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Hi all,

I'm trying to find out how best to re-attach the metal plate connecting up my rear demister element. One of Tom's ramblings refers to loaded paint that can be used for fixing breaks in the element itself, but would this work for re-sticking the plate? A French online supplier sells Loctite electrical conducting glue, but at 36 euros a tube, is there any cheaper solution?

Thanks a lot!
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Philip Chidlow
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Wouldn't solder do?
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I used araldite to physically attach the connector then some conducting paint for the power, I tink the paint came from halfrauds, the best thing is not to let SWMBO pack the boot when camping and avoid the problem :)
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That's what I'd been thinking, but I read somewhere (bxworld??) a little while ago that soldered-on connectors tend to come off again quite quickly and that you run the risk of shattering the rear screen by using a soldering iron - is that just far-fetched paranoia?
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I wouldn't put a soldering iron anywhere near the glass. This is a stick on job - and Stewart's method would seem the best.

The conductive paint is laden with silver - and can be used for repairing the printed tracks as well. Maplins sell it as well its used for repairing circuit boards.
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Brian King
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rear window demister

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Mine came loose and I had it re-fixed by a Citroen specialist in Gloucester for £18. He used solder. He said it was difficult because you're working against gravity. It would be a lot easier with the hatch off. Anyway, it works now.
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Surely apart from the risk of the glass shattering, solder is only going to attach the bracket to the surface tracks which can then be easily torn off again. If you use the conductive epoxy this can also give some mechanical adhesion to the glass resulting in a less risky & long-life repair. :?
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