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Ive tried 3 switches all of whihc work in my 16v up and down! :shock:

Will have alook at the stop solonoid tonight.

Thanks guys!
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Barnsley BXer wrote:
ken newbold wrote:I thought it was a first too.

"Cavmad posting in the technical section" :lol:
Keep up Ken,Cavmad's posted lots of things in the technical section 8) :D :D :D

Yeah, but they`ve all been questions :D :D :D
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tim leech

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Came home and it started first turn of the key, Im wondering if its air in the fuel line from when they fixed it. Ive managed to fix the rear door lock myself, and have checked the wiring in front doors but it all looks fine so I give up lol

Every BX must at least have one fault lol
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Hmm - interesting. Just caught up with this thread.

Last week the passenger window on my BX decided it was in a vertical one-way system- down only. While trying to figure out what to do, I parked it inches away from a mountain of trolleys at the supermarket to deter boarders and found it worked perfectly once I finished my shopping. Perplexing - and I'm keeping an eye on it..

Could it be something to do with the runners? an obstruction or rough/worn patch on the runners fixed to the bottom of the window could inhibit movement, though I guess it's more likely to promote a bit of lopsided movement in the glass.
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tim leech

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Dont think so mate as ive had the motor off and it only works one way.
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Tim they do look fine what you need is two pins and a test meter you then need to check all the wires as they are broken inside the way to do it is locate the one you want to test then stick a pin in the wire near the body then stick the other pin in the same wire near the door then check for continuity on that length if it is ok mark it some way then check the next till they are all done you will find one of the wires will be broken. :roll:
when mine failed i was able to close the window by holding the switch down and carefully moving the drivers door till they made contact did the job and i was able to close the window.
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DLM wrote:Hmm - BX decided it was in a vertical one-way system- down only.
Down only is not good. It happened to me just as night was falling after working on another problem for a few hours. Luckily, I was able to garage it overnight. You would think that there would be some way of winding it up manually.

Yours sounds just like mine --- it might be worth checking for high resistance across the switch. Mine hasn't been a problem since I cleaned the switch.

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Someone I know had a company car (5 cyl Passat) that was delivered without front electric windows and she was entitled to these by virtue of her position. The car was then installed with accessory motor kits that covered over the winder spindles.

The point of this story is that at least with this solution you could regain manual control over the windows in the case of motor problems. ----^
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