Steering Rack rattle

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Steering Rack rattle

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Hi Guys,

I replaced my steering about 18 months ago with a unit from GSF. An expensive option I guess, but I had 2 problems with the old one and wanted a long term peace of mind solution. One of the problems with my old one and the current problem with my new one is play between the rack housing and the rack itself, only really noticeable on the n/s, on full lock turning to the right. Should there be play here?
In a 'I know all about cars sort of way' I can kick the n/s wheel and hear the knock. As you are probably aware I am in a very long winded process (thanks GSF) of replacing my track rod end. The inner ball joint is ok. I will investigate the lower ball joint and the drop link as well but I am fearful of a 'failed rack' outcome :(

Any one else had/got a similar rattle on their rack?
As I'm 6 months out of warranty, I'm not confident of getting a replacement for nowt, let alone getting it fitted (I did the last one but found it a sod - so I don't fancy doing it again so soon). To add insult to injury, the rubber boot failed within a couple of months of fitting it but I couldn't be ar*ed to claim a kit and refit it so I just shunted the gaiter up and retied it. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed it had split again but in the middle. It could of been like that for ages and so failure of the rack it seems could be down to premature wear due to boot failure but I have no evidence of when it failed :twisted:

I'll investigate all the other joints this weekend but I'm not hopeful. Bother :x
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