Fundamental BX?

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Fundamental BX?

Post by Gareth Wales »

Given that the cooling system seems fundamental to the longevity of our chosen car, would one of the several excellent members care to put up a "sticky" detailing a step by step flushuing of the cooling system, including the order and location of bleed points. ?
I for one, am nervous about changing the thermostat on a 92 TZD because of tails of bolts sheering off.
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Post by Stewart (oily!) »

Hi Gareth, does your car have the later black plastic fuel filter asembly? (next to the dipstick) I cant remember :oops: but if it does then you have no need to worry about siezed fastenings, its realy only the older ones taking the large thermostats that get the problem.
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Post by docchevron »

I guess if we are going to do a sticky then we'd need to detail every engine type?

I can take some piccies and detail the bleeding of a TD this week hopefully since I'll be filling my old girl up (if it'll run).
The Valvers coming up VERY soon for full service and cambelt so could do the same for that if anyones really interested?/

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Post by Way2go »

Seems to me that you can do this effectively by draining , refilling and putting Wynns flush in for one day. Then its only necessary to remove the pipe at the base of the radiator to flush as connecting the hose to the top bleed on the rad flushes both ways and the Crud broken up by Wynns flows out of both ends of separated pipe. Can also backflush both ways of the bottom pipe. Primarily done with Wynns to eliminate red light problem & it worked well. :D :D :D
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Post by DLM »

The longer the thermostat bolts stay in , the more likely they are to seize up in the long run, Gareth. A long campaign of loosening juice use (neat diesel) can make all the difference on almost any fastening, no matter how deeply recessed. Just think how good diesel is at creeping almost anywhere once spilt.

As for the refill after the flush, make sure the radiator-cap-corner of the car is highest, and use a cut-off drinks bottle as a header. Don't be afraid to squeeze the top hose hard, and take a good 20 minutes at least to warm things up and let water circulation do its bubble-leeching work.
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