Water leak- eek

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Water leak- eek

Post by pinfold »

The 16v is l;eaking coolant from under the timing belt cover, which we are thinking means water pump!
I have been persuaded by a freind that it isnt really the massive job people have been telling me to replace and refit myself. have looked in the manual and think i can manage it however,

a) Having never tried to buy a new water pump where is the best place to get one, )local motor factors? citroen?

b) Any top tips on how to make my life easier when dooing the job?

Thanks for your help

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Post by Cornishbx16v »

may as well do the camelt at the same time seeing as it will have to come of for the pump!
remove top and bottom mounts too and support on a jack as then you can drop the lump down far enough to access all the water pump bolts from the wheel arch! (althoguh the very top one is a bit tight!) and also jack it up enough to be able to get your supm plug key into the top tensioner to adjust it!!!
i did the belt on mine in june after it failed an d i had to replace the head, if using the correct timing pins its not all that difficault at all! (drop luke a pm through the 16v forum as he has a set of pins!)
Oh, have a container under the car when you pop the pump out so it catches all the antifreeze as you know that if you dont it will pour out exactly where you need to sit! (whip the drivers wheel of too so you can get in!! )
hope that helps!

i got my pump fromt he local factors! think it was about £22??

After all I AM CORNISH!!!!