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hi folks,
as some of you know my bx 16v is a project... a long term one i have been working on for 1 year and six months and i have spent a rediculous 4k on it and its still not mot´d. well bear in mind it was a heap of sh´t that came out my mates garden where it had sat for about 5 years. anyhow i have made shedloads of progress since i got it. well i didnt take any pics of my progress in the first 6 months i got it because i wasnt aware of the bx and bx16v clubs. anyhow here is what i have been doing in the last 6 weeks or so after buying literally a transit van full of parts from toddman on the 16v forum and he´s on this one.

so here goes, i will start with a couple pics of the parts i got. ... pichv1.jpg ... ts2qb9.jpg

so firstly i decided to attack the interior as mine was dirty ripped and mismatching, just basically fuc*ed.

i started by taking the old rear seats out first ... outkm4.jpg

then the front ones ... outzp6.jpg

then started putting new seats in, drivers first of course! ...

then both new fronts in ... sinul4.jpg ...

and new rears in ... rinnl9.jpg ...

next i installed new upgraded rear pillar speakers. swapped them with kenwood 30watt a side speakers. ... ngemv9.jpg ...

the old and the new together, he he happy retirement ... herri5.jpg ...

and the new one's in. they didnt sit perfect at first but since the photo they were sorted out ... singp7.jpg

i will put the next section of photo's in a new post. so it dont die this time.

1989 BX 16v ph1 Chipped, k+N, full scorpion, weber throttle body, NOS 1990 BX 16v ph2
1996 transit 2.5di 80 swb
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