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hi all,
this section is about me sorting the clocks and starting problems that came back to haunt me.

so first up i was playing with the afm and managed to get the car to idle properly for the first time ever!! but it only lasted 20 mins! ... cksax9.jpg ...

next up was a the oil temp sensor. turned out it wasnt broken or missing just needed re-wired which i gto done thanks to some club members. i now have all my dash clocks working perfectly except i need to replave an abs sensor. then i will have a rare full working dashboard that doesnt lie!! ... ingnh4.jpg ...

i gave up then and came back the next day to find the car would not start. first time in 8 months. previously as some of you know i had realy bad starting problems for a long time a while back. but thanks to my previous nightmares i was well prepared for flat batterys etc .

so first i pulled out my power supply

then found both my batterys were flat and my jump start box was dead.
so i pulled out all my chargers and boost starter kits and put em on cherage.. ... ryscl0.jpg ...

hahahaha i will never again be defeated by car batterys

so i pulled the battery out and whipped the cap and arm off for inspection. ... erycw3.jpg ... ... erycw3.jpg ...

so i cleaned the cap connections and put a brand new spare arm on i had. i even gave it a little sand to be sure it connected well. ... dedfc6.jpg ...

so put it back together and no joy. so i then inspected the current 4th coil ive put on in the last 1.5 years. yes new ones!! and again surprise surprise the coil had failed again. f'ing aftermarket parts. well this one lasted 8 months which is the longest so far. but i did have a stash of 4 spare used coils i picked up from the scrappers when i had these problems before. so i put on a 309 1.6 auto coil and it started first time and has run well since. i think the after market ones just over heat and break too easy. but anyhow problem solved!!!

next post will contain pics etc of the rear end re-furb.

1989 BX 16v ph1 Chipped, k+N, full scorpion, weber throttle body, NOS 1990 BX 16v ph2
1996 transit 2.5di 80 swb
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