'Tis what I call the silly season!!!

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'Tis what I call the silly season!!!

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Well Gents,

My poor BX wagon has seen quite a bit this past two weeks.

Last Monday a lady came out of her driveway and drove out in front of me.
There went the bumper, right headlight, bonnet and bumper support.
Her insurance company approved it and it was sheduled to be repaired next week as it was still driveable with no mechanical damage.

Last Saturday my brother was driving the car on a country road (without the bumper that was destroyed and a spare headlight to make it roadworthy) and he hits a classic Australian Wombat. For those who don't know, these thing are big, fat and cylindrical in shape. I'd compare it in diameter to a wheelbarrow tyre. Similar in weight to a tree stump (well sort of!).

This hit the lower crossmember bending it right in and rolled under the car.

Today I drove behind someone and wasn't paying enough attention and smacked it into a newish Mazda in front. Not a good week.

All in all I now have to weld a whole new front on the car. Funnily enough the engine, radiator, cooling fans and guards are untouched!

I have all new genuine parts including bumper support, headlight panel and lower crossmember to fit. I'll post pics of the before and after when it's all done.

I hope that I don't have any bad luck in my mint GTI!!!

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Should you lot be allowed around cars? :P
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tim leech

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Think it will be cheaper to get a taxi from now!

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Blimey, you're having as much like as I've had in the past.
Defo piccies mate. We like piccies!

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