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Wot's the best way to fix the rubber trim strip back along the side of the car? Tried some German form of No-more-nails and it's crap

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Klebeband is good - German double-sided sticky tape.

Or a good contact adhesive. Or a two-part epoxy resin should work as well.
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IIRC, no more nails sets rigid. There are other forms of similar 'no more nails' but they remain flexible..Evostick do one but I can't remember the name. You could even try silicone but I'm not sure how good it is in the exterior automotive environment. Key is to get something that remains flexible and be extra thorough about preperation
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Sikaflex - marvelous stuff, since I discovered this I have used it to stick all sorts of things together, including the rather heavy wooden pelmet holding the sliding wardrobe doors to the ceiling. (Ok there are a couple of real nails in that too).

Otherwise there is a No More Nails double sided indoor / outdoor tape which is excellent - I have used this on brightwork with good effect.

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Automotive double sided sticky seems to be reasonable, well the trim is still on :) make sure to straighten the trim before applying, if its bent it will pull off.
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