Have we been hacked?

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Have we been hacked?

Post by Oscar »

I had a message in hotmail today from "BXclub" with a czech email address, written in Czech, signed "Marty".

Its subject line is "BX club info ze dne 01.02.07"

Some dodgy link which I didn't click

Looks like we've been hacked somehow, or our Czech counterpart has.

Anyway, be careful.

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Post by M »

Nope - not me, I dont use Hotmail (usually NHS mail).

Anything that looks like its from us, but looks dodgey - dont click on any links as the Mods almost always use the PM function.

If your email is on public display - it may be better to set it to hidden in your profile.

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Post by kiwi »

I would not say you have been hacked proably the wrong description more like spammed.

If its hotmail well thats a crap magnet! Heck I keep getting messages from ebay yet I have never ever registered with ebay.

I noticed a sudden surge of Spam getting past the spam checkers that most email accounts now provided. I have a account form Onetel in the UK that rarely gets used but is full of rubbish. Even my current ISP account has been hit by 150 emails in the two months I have been with them and thats even after putting spam filtering on high. Yet I have not used that email address to send anything yet.

Its funny I only have one account thats spam free?

Unless I know exactly who its from then it wont get opened, even then the clever bastards have worked away around that as I just found out from another Forum that has banned me for abusive emails they claim came form me. One the forum provided me with the timeline did not fit to my internet usage.

The biggest problem facing the internet is those that know more about its usage than those that dont! Trouble is the unsuspecting can give out to much information to be used malicously against them.