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130 BHP 2.1 TD BX?? Nice....Tom really has gone round the bend now! Mind you, that engine is a shoe horn job in the Xantia, so it's going to be 'interesting' getting it into a BX shell. If only I didn't live at the other end of the country, I'd be round there lending a pound on the end of the shoehorn to see if it could be done :P

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I somehow doubt that Mrs R will let me go camping with a group of strange men in France - shame really as it was whilst I was camping with a group of strange young men that we met.....
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A 2.1 TD BX... Sounds nice.

I've thought about the possibility of installing the 2.0HDi engine in or the ultimate flight of fancy, the 3.0 HDi V6 from the forthcoming C6...

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately for other road users) I don't have the time or ability to do these things and when I look at a circuit board I end up bleeding after I've cut my fingers on the solders (thats why I gave up fixing computers!).

I think I may replace the 1.9 XUD with a later one stolen from a 206 or even a Blingo or if it is easy enough to fit, a 2.0HDi unit when the current one rattles for the last time or I'll probably use the excuse and buy a GTi...

I'll stop rambling now and head off to bed... Great work Tom, I am truly amazed at what you can do with a bit of silicon and a BX. All I can do with that is make the glovebox hinge stick on... And even that is not really impressive (it fell off again... So did the 'optional' vanity mirror... LOL)

PS My missus says I should give up Rene before I ruin him with my DIY visions (I'm planning to service him myself, something I've never done before and will probably regret).
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Picking up on a point in the ramblings. The rear hub bearings - I know they are supplied as a hub and flange assembly but WHY ?
Is it not possible by some innovative manner to get the worn bearing out in a non destructive way and simply fit a new bearing. Has anyone tried to remove a worn bearing from the hub and succeeded I am wondering.
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When I acquired my TZD the rear bearings were just beginning to be noisy, removal of the dustcap revealed that the grease had turned into something resembling cheese and was not lubricating the bearings at all, quickly I grabbed an ice lolly from a passing child and used the wooden stick to dig out as much of the old cheesy grease as possible, then it was the work of minutes to use the same lolly stick to push some fresh grease in amongst the bearings and races, silence!
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I believe I have at least 3 sets messing around in my pile of BX parts. I did have these thoughts once - but lacks the guts to spend a weekend just to get the bearing races out of the hubs :cry:
IMHO its simply not worth all the hassle compared to the relative low cost of a new complete hub assembly.
And I dont usually chicken out on redoing parts ...

The problem with the rear hub is the back seal which fails and allow water & dirt to get in. The rear rubber seal lip relies on a (replaceable) mating cup which can only be replaced if the complete hub is removed. And exactly that cup has a nasty tendency to rust away (completely !) at some point. However this cup is only a quid at your dealer ...
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If we're all talking about the same component, I replaced one a few months back in a matter of minutes.
I needed to swap one off a burnt out wreck to fit to the rear of my sons 16V series one.
I grabbed an old very large home made spanner as it was made of steel about 6mm thick and drilled two holes in it to line up with where the wheel studs go. I then fitted a socket to sit inside on the edge of the big nut and used a rattle gun to tighten the wheel studs down until it just popped off.
Heated it, tapped out the outer cone and the metal shroud of the rear seal and refitted the parts off the other car. The whole job was done while he was packing the car to go away, I'd say no mre than 30 minutes all up......or am I going off up the garden path??
Maybe I should read the article first??....... :P :P

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