The day I went to Nyland - I think thats where it was.

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The day I went to Nyland - I think thats where it was.

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What a day!
A while ago I decided that a BX diesel estate was just what we needed, so as there was nothing on the 'devil's own website' (EBay) - ? copyright Nick Devonport - another BXer and collecter of mopeds and other exotica, and I had happened across the BX club site a message was duly posted. Lo and behold 3 estates arrived on E bay in the next 24 hours, and I had a couple of offers from club members. I bid on one on Ebay but my bid was not allowed as we live in France and the seller would not post! goods to foreign parts. The car did not reach the reserve, I made a post auction offer but the owner decided to keep it for another year. I had looked at David Rutherford's green estate, and when a note of desperation? entered the post I made an offer which he accepted. The necessary arrangements were made via email and phone to collect it yesterday, so at 06:00 - a really unearthly hour in the french countryside, the alarm went and the plan went into action. Arrived at Cherbourg for the 9:30 crossing at 08:10 after 1hr 20 minute drive to find that my wifes passport had found its way into my passport cover, BF contacted the immigration officials who said I could travel on it, but might have trouble getting back into France later on in the night - and here was me thinking that the Daily Mail readership was trying to export / deport people!
A few frosty words were exchanged with the management (Pat that is) and we rushed back home - more internet and phone calls - catch the Normandie Vitesse out of Caen at 12:30.
The upshot of it was that after rushed connections everywhere I arrived at Templecombe station - not exactly the hub of the universe it must be said, only an hour late, not having had time to update David with the arrival time anywhere en route - you don't miss a mobile phone until you have not got one.
A call from the village phone box - 40p minimum charge - I'm old enough to remember when you pressed button B to get your 4 pence back!, brought David to the station in a green BX estate - soon to be mine. :D
We went back to his house, another example of my theory that the more space you've got the more stuff arrives to fill it, sorted out the paperwork etc, and I was away - having admitted to David that this was my first adventure in BX ownership.
After putting in enough diesel to get across the channel, I arrived at Dover at 21:45 in time to catch the ferry that I had booked, by this time lots of :D :D :D :D , best value for money I think I have ever had in all my car ownership - with the possible exception of the odd free car. The BX pulled like a train, and at a steady 75 ish ate up the miles in great comfort.
Uneventful crossing, arrived back in France to find almost empty motorways all the way home, again at a steady 120 kph, - the 20 quids worth of diesel lasted till south of Abbeville - the best part of 300 miles, and I arrived home at 7 am, almost exactly 24 hours later, and including 520 miles driving, in considerably better shape, and much better humour than on any other occasion involving such a long trip.
Whilst crossing the pont de Normandie it had occured to me - 'why have I not had one of these before' - but better late than never.
To sum up - very well pleased, thanks to David Rutherford - top man, really helpful and a very honest description of the car, and the car did everything I could have asked of it, and in great style.
Will send photos - if I can fathom out how - of it in its new home, with its companions - Renault 4GTL, Renault 4cv (1956), lots of mopeds / cyclemotors, old garden tractors -2, (lots of space here - and it keeps turning up!)
Paul in Normandy - BX 1992 Millesme 1.9D, 1999 Peugeot 806 2.1 TD (the Bus) - gone bang on the M25, in a scrapyard somewhere in the SE of England, 1985 Visa Decouvrable, 1990 Land Rover 110TD (Great Uncle Bulgaria),1999 Isuzu Trooper, 1991 Hymer motorhome with Peugeot J5TD power, and a shedfull of mopeds!

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Lovely write-up, and welcome to the club.

(Red BX 1.7TZD ("Well, it is a style icon" - Tom Sheppard)) "Was", Tom, "was"