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Does anyone know what colour blue my athena would be, its dark bluy/grey metallic and I dont remember seeing one in this colour beofroe and wonder if its specific to the Athena models like the goldy colour is.

I havent got the paint code to hand.

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I presume you know where to find the paint code? ... #Intervals

Waste of time asking for a paint on these by name; you need both sets of numbers which are CAPS followed by a couple in small case. If you don't you'll find you will get one of about 35 variations of that colour.
When I touched up the paint on the Estate I gave the guy the full code. He reckoned he only needed the first part and mixed up a colour that was miles away from what I wanted. After 3 goes, he got it somewhere near the mark but still not right. Eventually, I got hold of a colour chip book and my car wasa 1990 BX estate, the colour I got was for a 1977 CX so I'd suggest either getting the correct code or getting a good colour matcher to do the match.

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