BX Hooligan 1.9TD for sale

Buy or sell parts etc. Please put 'Wanted' in the title if it is a request for parts.
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BX Hooligan 1.9TD for sale

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Time has come, I have too many vehicles so I offer for sale my 1993 BX 1.9 TD currently showing 65 K miles, at 42 K miles I fitted a 1.9TD engine from a 1995 Pug 405, estimated total mileage approx 80K now (I cannot guarantee that its the original dash) the car is taxed until the end of August and will have a full MOT. When I put the car together it was with the intention of having my ultimate BX, having the engine removed meant that I could easily replace those pesky little water pipes on the back of the block, and do the octopus at the same time, then I fitted a new clutch, glowplugs, aux belt and cambelt. In the last 20 thousand miles the car has benefitted from:
All spheres replaced, TD fronts, Valver rears.
Recon HP Pump from GSF
Scorpion foam panel air filter
New pads, and discs on the front (rears provided but not fitted)
New Brake flexy pipes (one fitted other in boot)
Front wheel brearings X2, ball joints X2
New rear arm bearings fitted offside, kit provided for nearside (dont need them yet)
Nearly new Garrett turbocharger with adjustable boost.
The car has a set of Graphite alloys, three nearly new Uniroyal Rallye 550s, and another good tyre, GTI spare with the inserts.
Black leather interior.
Aiwa radio/cassette
Headlamp protectors (one cracked)
Sunroof Deflector
Working ABS
Turbo boost and water temp guages fitted in pods on RH side of dash
Overall the condition is pretty good though there are a few supermarket dings and bumper scuffs, I have blown a lot of Waxoyl around under the car which has helped prevent the usual rot, though not entirely
I could ideally do with lending the car to Tim Leech for a good polish but it does clean up nicely, the offside inner wing was welded last year before the MOT the nearside may need doing soon.
The engine has been mildly boosted, with maximum boost at approximately 15psi and fuelling adjusted to suit, this makes the acceleration certainly brisk :twisted: and appears not to have affected economy with the car returning around 40 MPG
I will post some images of the car when time allows.
I am looking for offers in the region of £800 for the car which I hope reflects the condition it is in, I would like any prospective new owner to have a thorough inspection of the car.
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Stewart (oily!)
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BUMP! Perhaps a club member might get the car for £less PM me with your email address for latest lovely images, the car passed its test last week too so now its got the lot.
TZD 19 TD one of the few
Xantia Td estate, going soft
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pm sent
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:o :shock:
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This is one of the best cars I've seen, and if it weren't for the fact that SWMBO would make my balls into earrings if I bought it, I'd have it.
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Go on Oscar, you know it's worth it :P 8)
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