Lancs 'newbie'....and a '93 TXD

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Lancs 'newbie'....and a '93 TXD

Post by mountainmanUK »


Just a few quick introductory lines, to tell you a bit about your latest member!
I'm Dave, a 51yr young chap from not-so-sunny Blackburn, Lancashire. I'm married to the long-suffering Marie (pronounced as in 'marry'..she hates 'Mareeee' with a passion!), with a grand total of 4 children, Rebecca 25, Victoria 23, Leah 19, and little Jamie 9, who's the only one left at home). My wage-slave life is spent driving a Merc Sprinter up and down the bloody M6 every day from a warehouse in Preston to a number of factories around the Midlands, then back up the M6 again!

Now the more interesting bit!! :D

After an absence of 18 months from BX-owning, I picked up a K-reg TXD last weekend for the princely sum of £250, complete with 5 months MOT and 3 months Road Tax! I am now back in BX 'heaven'. Registration number is K140 VRN, so the wife suggested calling her 'Veronica'. However, my little lad misheard her and said 'Monica', so that's who she has become!

On first impressions the car is well worth the money, although it does have a few little annoyances, most of which should be fairly easily sorted. (Might need a bit of help from you guys now and then! :wink: ) know the usual: heater blower u/s, rear wiper missing, instrument panel looks like it's been ripped out at some stage, tearing off the spire nuts and fixings at the back. Engine-wise seems pretty decent. I'm used to the sound of a diesel lump firing up cold, so the rattle doesn't bother me (much) as it quietens down a lot when warm. The performance is great, eating up the 11 miles from my house to work in along the M65 in around 8/9 minutes! Much faster than my previous Daewoo Matiz, and a LOT more classily!!!

the bodywork is good-ish, with no signs of the dreaded rustworm, but with the usual scratches and supermarket trolley dings associated with a 14yr old 123k car. I'll definitely be posting a few piccies at weekend, once my daughter brings my camera back!

Well...that's about it for now. No doubt you'll probably read lots more about me and my BX in the future...I tend to be a bit of a Forumholic! :D

Oh....previous Citroens owned by me include:

'76 GS Club Saloon in 'Banana yellow'
'79 GS Club Estate in beautiful red (Used as Taxi for 3 years, by me!)
'77 Dyane (green)
'87 BX14 Saloon in Red (my best-ever car) - My Avatar pic!
'89 BX14TE Saloon in Dark Blue (nicked after 2 weeks!)
'83 CX2400 in Silver (style, comfort, class, performance....and cost!)


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Post by tom »

Another incurable! Welcome. The blower problem is well known and if you go back through the bxpress columns on the homepage, one of the early ones gives a "blow by blow" account of repairing it. CXs costly?
Didn't you know how to blackmail the welder? Good luck with the TXD. Is this a turbo one?

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Welcome. I hope you find this forum as illuminating as I have. A great place to be. And I trust your return to BX ownership will be as rewarding as it can be! :D

BTW, a good start would be to prepare Monica for the BX's 25th Anniversary Celebration at the Citroen Car Club National Rally on July 14th/15th. It's near Godmanchester. I'm sure someone on here will post up all the relevant details closer to the time!

Oh, and you'll need a sticker :lol: :roll:
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Post by mountainmanUK »

@ tom,

Thanks for the welcome!
Yes, Monica IS a turbo TXD! Dontcha just LOVE that whistle? are there any special things I ought to bear in mind for keeping the turbo in good nick?
The CX didnt really have a rust problem, back in the day ( this was '89 and it was only about 5 yrs old!). It was running costs that proved too much. I always used to take full advantage of the top-end speed available...and that took a lot of juice!

@ Philip chidlow

I am already making plans to get down to the BX 25th Celebrations! I hope that Monica should be in fine enough fettle to get me down there, by July!
Stickers? Yes......I'm not sure yet whether to send a quid in an envelope, or simply hop into Monica. Blackpool is only half an hour's drive from here!
I've removed around 6 stickers from the car since buying her. At least I can see out of the windows now! :wink:

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Post by cavmad »

Welcome along Dave, another northerner in the ranks!
You`re in very good company in Lanc`s: Mr B, Marty and Gaz amongst others live around the county.
Sounds like you got a decent car for decent money, post some pic`s up when you get the chance.
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Post by tom »

It shouldn't whistle. Check the intake piping to ensure that it is not bypassing the air filter and then take a look at the exhaust mounting.


Post by mountainmanUK »

Thanks Tom. I'll check it out on Friday.
The whistle/whine only seems to start when I shove my clog down and I can feel the turbo start kicking in. It's actually a nice sound! :roll:
Since picking her up on Sunday, I havnt even had the time to anything except check levels etc., before putting her to work first thing Monday morning! By the time I get home at night it's almost dark, so any deep inspection will have to wait until we 'break up' for Easter.
At least I've got 10 days off after tomorrow! YAYYY! :D

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Post by Mr B »

Welcome along Dave , another Northern BXer! We really need to sort out a Northern BX meet in the near future, we should have enough to fill a pub car park now :lol:

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Post by mountainmanUK »

We really need to sort out a Northern BX meet in the near future, we should have enough to fill a pub car park now
Thanx MrB :D
Sounds like a great idea! Did I see something suggested about Rompers, near Manny Airport? Us Northerners really must 'fly the flag' together for the ol' BX.....they're becoming more & more scarce on our roads these days!

I thought (correctly as it turns out!) that Monica was quite rare when I saw the ad in Loot, so I didn't even bother haggling over the price! :shock: Handed over my £250 with no complaints after we took her for a spin around Bolton! Three days later I still think I did the right thing!!


tim leech

Post by tim leech »

Welcome aboard Dave, you sound just like the kind of nutter who will fit in well here!

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Post by docchevron »

Welcome to the mad house Dave!!
tom wrote:It shouldn't whistle.
Nope, mine doesn't whistle, it just blows the impeller out of the exhaust every few hundred miles... :roll:

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Re: Lancs 'newbie'....and a '93 TXD

Post by Terry Brooks »

mountainmanUK wrote:
Much faster than my previous Daewoo Matiz, and a LOT more classily!!!
Hello Dave,and welcome to the forum and BX ownership.
I know all about those "Matitz" things ..........they're a "bag o' sh*te" ......wifey collected her 3rd one a few weeks ago,this one being a '07 "1.0se" Chevrolet :lol: version insult to a great marque IMHO,her previous two were a '00 800cc and a '04 1.0litre ...........they have about as much charm,personality and charisma as a plateful of cold porridge .........I refuse to ride in ours unless I'm .......
[a] Drunk
Too hungover to drive .......or
[c] All my vehicles are broken down [which is highly unlikely as not only do I have a BX but I also have a 2CV and currently have four motorcycles which are all T&T'd]
Even our trips to the local supermarket have to be done in my BX or 2CV 'cos the boot space on "Ma-atitz" :evil: aint big enough to put a weeks groceries in.
Still,it keeps wifey and her destructive driving habits outa my hair,'Cos when it breaks she takes it to the dealers and gives them the sob story,and they lend her a car till hers is mended [which saves me from being expected to follow her around with a bootful of tools and service/mend the bl**dy thing every time she stops at a set o' traffic lights] :roll:

Errr yeah [Rant over :wink: ] ......that "whistle" .......mines been doing it for the last 3years and 16000miles ........when/if I get fed up of listening to the stereo I "give it some" and listen to the turbo wailing ...........I've had quite a few people ask me where the police car/ambulance is that they thought was following.

Enjoy that BX :wink:

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Post by Oscar »

Welcome Dave

You could cycle that eleven miles to work, you know. (Gets coat and leaves).

Mine whistles. Tom reckons it shouldn't and his doesn't. I've had the intercooler off and cleaned up the join, and the air piping has been on and off so many times it thinks its a light switch. I suppose the exhaust manifold is a possibility as it came off when doing the pinion, but I don't know. The braided pipe at the back of the intercooler looks a bit worn, but I've not had it off to properly inspect it yet.

You'll enjoy this forum.

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Post by Barnsley BXer »

Ey up Dave,Hello from me too
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Post by Kitch »

Hello and welcome. Wouldn't worry about the Xantia does it and the engine in that is tip top, which is odd for one of my cars. Aslong as its not excessively loud mind....that'd indicate a leak in a boost pipe :lol:
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