Thanks for the sticker Marty :)

Anything about BXs
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Thanks for the sticker Marty :)

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tim leech

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No bx is complete without one! Ohh thats a thought I need one for the Athena!

Does Jonkw still have any left?


Post by mountainmanUK » the words of Andy Pipkin (Little Britain).....

"Want THAT one!"

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x 4

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I wonder if one of those would look out of place on a BX in NZ?

tim leech

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Nope all BXs should have one! I have one on my Xantia!


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You do realise that ONLY one sticker invokes the ancient VooDoo curse of mekanikeryfecupery and you need two really to cancell each other out! (Thats why the Blingo has 2! and the Metrover only has one) :twisted:


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In similar fashion to the original post......

'Thanks for the sticker(s), Marty!!!! :D '

Nice meeting ya, buddy! :wink: