25 years of the BX - The german party 29.06 - 01.07.2007

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25 years of the BX - The german party 29.06 - 01.07.2007

Post by BXOurane »

Hi @ all!

We all know that this year is a special year for the BX.

This year the german BX-Enthusiasts prepare their 10th BX-meeting with the Andre Citroen Club together with the celebration for 25 years of the BX. Also Citroen Germany supports our meeting!

We already have lots of subscriptions from France and of course it would be great to welcome some BX-crazed from the UK ;-)

The meeting will be between 29.06 - 01.07.2007 (friday to sunday) in 35282 Bracht, thats a small town not far away from Frankfurt.
Here is a link, that shows the exact location:

http://maps.google.de/maps?f=q&hl=de&q= ... 86328&om=1

We ordered some big grassland with a small sea, at the border of a wood.
There will be possibilities to camp (tent or caravan) and to barbecue.
A small house with toilets, tables and seats outside. 10€ for those who want to camp (one BX, one tent or caravan, 2 persons).

For those who want a hotelroom we can offer some hotels nearby (1 kilometer). Doubleroom with breakfast for 75€, singleroom with breakfast 45€).

What we have planned for the week-end:

The meeting starts on friday (29.06) at 10am. No special program on friday, in the evening we will all meet around the bonfire to get to know each other, just some "small talk" ;-)

On Saturday (30.06) we will offer some coffee and baps for breakfast before we will have some closer look at a discarded BX 16Valve. We will show the typical BX-failures on this BX with some technical background. In the evening we will meet in the hotel for dinner, followed by a review of 25 years of the BX with some Citroen Videos and a special program from our french guests.

On Sunday (01.07) we will again offer coffee and baps for breakfast.
Now, and of course already before, there will be enough time to have a look at all the other BX, chatting, meeting etc.
Maybe we will have a gateway all together through the near countryside, depends on how many people are interested.




So if you have any questions or you want to announce (we have to know as soon as possible, because we need to plan) feel free to ask here on the board or contact us via e-mail:

citroen(at)online.de ---> thats the main organiser (Dirk Pinschmidt)


CitroenBX(at)gmx.de --> thats me (Frederic Heinz)

Citroen BX - Elle vit!


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Post by docchevron »

Sounds like an awesome event, but at this stage it's a bit early to say whether I'll be able to trundle over, although I'd like to!
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Post by mnde »

Looks like the German BXers had a good time!

http://forum.andre-citroen-club.de/show ... 061&page=5

There's more links to photos in the posts further down the page.

We should post them pictures of our BX Challenge on their forum! 8)


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Post by cavmad »

Is that a BX Sport in the top picture? Looks like they had a good time though I'm afraid I don't know what they are talking about!
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