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Shift a few bricks , turn the key and up she goes too :)
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tim leech

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Joking apart it probably starts! I cant get on that website, did the building collapse or summat?

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An unusual end for that BX! But what a great site that is Jon - I thought I'd have a quick look and I've just re-emerged a long time later. Being a London boy it made me quite sentimental for the ole place. The home page features Raleigh House in Brixton on the the corner of my old street :D

this yellow writing is really hard to read

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tim leech wrote:Joking apart it probably starts! I cant get on that website, did the building collapse or summat?
I think they probably cut the roof off and filled it with bricks.
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Oh dear this looks like what the outcome of what may happen to the Donor car I have :cry:

Will go to a good cause of practice for our local Fire Brigade on the condition I get some good photos and a chance to use the jaws of life opening it up :shock:

Love the website brings back a few tears and memories of Hackney where I was born 8)

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Not the 80's retro beasty mate??
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