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this yellow writing is really hard to read

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Love it,now where's mi paint brush :D
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tim leech

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I like that, and it looks like a professional Job!

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Nice! I saw that car at Utrecht (where the pic is from I guess) when I took my BX last year.


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Cool colour...shame about the alloys!
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wow, I really love that! alot!

But yeah, you're not wrong Bandit, those wheels are awful....

Now, SL311's in the same colour........ :D
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That is one clean looking motor, I will forgive the wheel choice though.
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Hate the colour, wheels are =D>
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I quite like it all :roll:

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I even like the wheels ... mind you I liked the teddy bear wheels too :shock:

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Although I am in two minds about the colour - at least it isn't that p*ss yellow M3's and Yaris' come in - it's too much. I think I'd go for Champagne á la Millésime BX actually... But (and this is my opinion about most 'add-ons' and flash rims etc.)if the overall performance of the car matches their 'go' then, fair enough. A BX that goes at least like a 16v deserves enhancement, If that is your thang. If on the other hand it's a standard '16' in 16v clothes... then it's sad bast**d territory in my book.
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Might be a youngster & cant afford insurance on a valver, so it might even be a customised 14, it would still get my vote, that colour is sooooo
bleeeeeeeiang (translation=bling). I dont even mind the alloys.

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I don't think its a 14 since it has an opening on the front of the bonnet and 14s don't usually have it. Either way its really cool!!
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:o :shock: ooooooooohhhhh :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Ken, is that to the colour or to the fact above :D