Thanks to the Sorcerer!

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Thanks to the Sorcerer!

Post by Oscar »

I'd just like to say a very huge "THANK YOU!" to Tom for all his work on Swampy last weekend.

As well as making fans, windows, intercooler, and interior lights all work, he had the patience to give me a tutorial in the electrics too.

Now the car is faster, quieter and cooler - what more can one ask for??

A big thanks too to DLM who procured driveshafts for Swampy. As it turned out they weren't needed, but I'm no less grateful for his efforts.

This sort of selflessness and willingness to help is what makes this forum such a great community. Many thanks again to both.
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^^ ^^ ^^bx> =D>


Post by mountainmanUK »

Agreed Oscar!! :D

Of ALL the Forums I've frequented over several years....I find the members here to be among the finest, most knowledgeable, and most helpful, of them all! I guess it's similar to those Societies aimed at saving some animal in danger of extinction.....we all have the same aims!

I may possibly be in need of some help myself shortly, dependent on how Monica fares at her annual examinations later this week! :wink: