Tim's BX - 16v 1990

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tim leech

Tim's BX - 16v 1990

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As you know ive owned more than my fair share of BXs over the past few years (15 in all), and was fortunate to reaquire the one I wish I had kept that I sold 8 years ago due to financial circumstances.

The car in question is a march 1990 BX 16v finished in metallic anthracite grey, originally a fleet car supplied to Grosvenor contracts on a 3 year lease and has has 9 owners since :shock:. She was specified with the optional but as usual in/op Airconditioning. Mechanically pretty sound but in somewhat dire need of TLC everywhere else, I bought her back last April for £450 after seeing it on ebay and agreed a deal to buy it there and then. So far the work carried out is 4 tyres, exhaust, speedo cable, 2 driveshafts, 5 new spheres and a fair bit of paintwork plus usual service items! That doesnt include the £1200 worth of work it had done in 1998-99 when I first owned her.

Below is a photo taken this year when it was in for a few small jobs, please not that the rather patchy looking paint on the 2 doors is in fact actually a reflection 8)


Plans for the future, well Im not selling it this time, period! So its a case of a roling restoration. I will relplace as much as possible when availability and funds allow, Theres a few bits of paint to do which will keep me poor for a while! :D


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MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm! :D

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Tidy looking BX you there have Tim.

IMHO those fibreglass bumpers really suit the car. If only they weren't worth as much new as another car!

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tim leech

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The bodys lovely, just the pipe and rear metal work that needs love, I have the bits needed so its a rolling restoration.

Would like some different alloys I think, Ive seen some silver multispoke ones which I quite fancy one day lol

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i do like your 16v tim especially in the flesh at the national :wink:
i think 16v's ph2 suit metallic paint colours like yours and also in black 8)
hope you get your pipes sorted :D
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tim leech

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Will be sorted sometime, I have a man who can! :wink:

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Post by docchevron »

The time is nearing!

You're really going to put non standard alloys on it??

Have to say though it does look good in the metal, it really does.
The air con doesn't work cos the compressor aint there!!

Bumpers were £600 each when you could get them. I bought the very last EVER rear bumper from Citroën for a lot less than that!
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tim leech

Post by tim leech »

Not sure Doc, I have seen a BX on a german sit ewith some 16" multi spokes an dit does look ace!