Relative speed - a hypothetical question

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Relative speed - a hypothetical question

Post by Oscar »

Just for the sake of argument, if I wanted a fast BX that could surprise, for instance, Audi or BMW drivers, and could take advantage of the oleo-pneumatic suspension to throw into roundabouts at faster speeds than they could handle, and would have enough high-end speed to let them catch up and then pull away again, which they wouldn't expect from a 15-year-old Citroen, just hypothetically speaking, which should I, in theory, buy? The GTI, 16 valve, or what? And what's the difference between them? And which is faster?

No, no reason, just asking.
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Post by Philip Chidlow »

16v for speed. No contest.

GTi for day to day practicality.

(I had an 8v GTi with a Starchip which boosted power to around 140 mark (less age related power loss) which did embarrass the odd rep racer :twisted: ) So £400 for a sorted GTi manual with a £300 chip... mmmm you're into 16v territory then :roll:
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Post by mnde »

Fed up with tailgaters are you...? Not that we ought to demonise all Audi or BMW drivers. Although I find myself shifting from the opinion "it's not the car, it's the driver" towards "aggressive looking cars are marketed directly at aggressive drivers". Or alternatively, "aggressive looking cars attract aggressive drivers". I find all these angel-eye headlamp in-your-face visages an intimidating sight when they are bearing down on you at vast speed. Think of that Audi "spider" advert, where the car ends up thrusting forwards towards the viewer in the manner of a huge venomous spider.

I have found myself reacting to tailgating by driving faster over speedbumps and throwing the car recklessly through gaps on a roundabout in order to outrun the menace. There's nothing worse than being chased uphill on a single track road in an underpowered car though. There's no escape if the bu&&er can't overtake.

But. I'm trying to curb this instinct and continue to drive normally and smoothly. There's nothing guaranteed to enrage the tailgater more, than being held up by someone observing a 30 or 40 MPH limit and casually ignoring them :twisted: And that's the best tactic. Because the defensive driver is more likely to make mistakes. That's what I try to tell myself anyway. It is hard not to react.

Certainly I wouldn't try any of the above escape antics with my girlfriend in the car. I'm sure Mrs Oscar similarly would not appreciate any recklessness and/or baiting in order to outrun or get "one up" on a nasty tailgater.

My opinion aside, I'm guessing theoretically the valver would be the one to go for. Or a Mi16 special...


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Post by Vanny »

its been interesting driving 'someone elses' Rav4 alike Fiat Sedici. Its got a 6 speed transit diesel engine without the body or payload so is pretty nimble, and it positively looks down on the BMW's and is pretty rapid through lanes and the like. Generally it does make me feel more in control, and it seems to attract less idiot Audi/BMW drivers rammed up the boot!

If you really want to surprise someone, a battered old 19rd with a 1.9td engine is the way to go, my god do they fly and the 19rd isn't weighed down with body kits, ABS, comfy seats etc making it much more chuckable. Still nothing much beats the 16v.

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Post by kiwi »

Kinda agree with mnde 8) "Its the driver not the car"

Prior to rekindling my love affair with the BX our main car was a Korean 1.5 Automatic version of the Vauxhall Astra. Some of the things I can do with that kept the boyracers and 4wd SVU tail gaters at bay and made things a little difficult to get past. Helped greatly by the twisty roads of NZ :lol: Utilising the corners to gain some distance before a straight must irritate the heck out of them.

Now I have the BX well to be honest I can only remember once being overtaken and that was by a car load of idiots in a small car who quickly realised their mistake then overtook another car where you should not. Not that they got far running into a random police check point :lol: :lol: :lol:
The roads in my parts are pretty quite any cars that do get in my path are slower than me and often dispatched. Cars that are behind often stay behind getting lost in the corners. The agility of a BX especially in an area where one is rarely seen often catches the Subaru, Holden mentality out :o
The saying the car in front is a Toyota is often true until the BX pounces 8)
Give me a 16V or GTI? hmmm maybe just to powerful for some of the corners?

End of the day it is the Driver!

Disclaimer! I never said I was a good driver, to say that is asking for a bad fall one that as a Volunteer Fireman I would hate to put my fellow volunteers through.

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Post by docchevron »

yep, 16v, everytime.
The 8v is no more torquey, it just doesn't have the surge that the valver has.

Chip a valver and wham some piper cams in it with vernier pulleys, theres very little that will hold pace with it.

Even in standard form, as long as the engine is in good condition, it's a flyer.
Learn to drive it properly and you'd be amazed just how well they handle.
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Post by cavmad »

You don't need an especially quick car, especially for example on single carriage roads. Just plod along and stick to a low speed until it turns into a dual carriageway then just before it goes to two lanes brake slightly as you wang it into 3rd and boot it. Sure they're going to come past you at some point but the element of suprise coupled with the fact you've made them look stupid is usually enough.
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Post by Kitch »

Valver, easy.

I had an RX-8 on my rear bumper a month or two ago on the motorway link road, which is two lanes. When it opened into three he pulled into the outside lane to blat it past, not realising that

A) I had nothing in front of me


B) I have about 20bhp less, while weighing ALOT less. And the BX 16v engine is simply awesome for driving like a knob with.

He didn't get past :lol: He got so wound up he started undertaking cars to get past.

It happened with him, it happened with an early Boxster, it happened with an Elise, a 328i Convertible, a Scooby.......quite a few surprises. I was no quicker, but crucially.....neither were they :P

The valver is the best sleeper BX. I'd not for one second consider a diesel as a quick BX, unless it was Doc's running it's full spec. Otherwise there is a considerable difference between the 16v and any other BX.
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Post by docchevron »

Kitch wrote:unless it was Doc's running it's full spec. Otherwise there is a considerable difference between the 16v and any other BX.
Be patient my child! The new "full" spec will be appearing in a speeding ticket by the end of the year!! :wink: 8)
Smokes lots, because enough's enough already!

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Stewart (oily!)
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Post by Stewart (oily!) »

Or for storming 70 to illegal acceleration that really pins their ears back how about a breathed on 1.9TD :evil: It certainly works for me :)
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