Back with Rene in one piece!

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Back with Rene in one piece!

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Hey peeps.

I made it to Brora in one piece and made it back as well! :D

No pics I'm afraid as the camera died on the 2nd day :(. Only saw 1 BX, a lovely well kept H-Reg metallic blue TZ, not sure if petrol or diesel and that was on the way back down the A9 outside the House of Bruar.

However, I drove down the country road between Brora and Rogart along the banks of Loch Brora and I came across an elderly gent in a lovely T reg Xantia. It was lying on the deck with all the alarms going off, I offered to have a look and he had no LHM fluid - it was all over the road! So I called the RAC and pretended that I was using the car and got them to carry the car to a local garage and the old gent followed me back in Rene. He was so chuffed I helped that he gave me a bottle of Clynelish Whisky for my troubles! He used to own a BX and driving Rene reminded him how great they were, I think he may be on the lookout for one now!

When I finally got to Rogart, on the road toward Lairg, there was a house with a new C5 estate, a P-Reg Xantia Estate and 3 CX Estates, 2 in scrapper condition, probably used to keep the good one going. And on the way back, I stopped off in Kingussie and on the high street there was a mint 1957 DS in beige (I'm assuming 1957 as thats what the owner had put on a plate on the bumper!)!

Now that I'm back, I'm going to attempt to fix Rene myself so I'll probably be looking for a new car next week... LMAO

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RIP Rene, 1992 - 2006.
He was the best car I ever owned.